Mrs. Heidi Johnson

Kindergarten Teacher

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Preschool & Kindergarten: We talked about Jesus’ job on earth being done & ascending back into Heaven, Pentecost & how God now sends us to continue sharing the great news of Jesus. Your children have been such a gift to me, thank you for choosing our school & sharing your children! We have had a fun year. I will always say…keep reading! The vocabulary they learn & knowledge they gain is sooo helpful in school & in life. Your little honey’s created the most awesome silent auction wall hanging! Check it out on Sunday.t I pray you all have a great summer filled with fun memorable times & lots of blessings. Check elsewhere in the Saintnel on information about times of Sunday’s lunch, games, silent auction & K-8 singing in church. Everyone is welcome to join the fun!!

Kindergarten: Everyone made it through all 9 packs of sight words and we celebrated with an ice cream party Friday! Woot woot? t We had 4 chicks hatch (Sleep Peep, Jimmy, Roosevelt & Run Away). We

cracked the remaining unhatched eggs open to see how far the chicks developed, that’s always interesting! We get to be a part of the “Amazing Race” on Wed. morning which consists of fun games. We get to go to Graf Park Thurs. morning with Preschool & then picnic lunch & afternoon fun with 1st-8th. We will have a little Kindergarten graduation recognition following our closing chapel service next Friday. Chapel starts at 10:45.